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2024 Festival Sponsors

*Click the logo to be sent to the sponsor's website

ECU Health Chowan Hospital provides outstanding services and quality care to over 100,000 people in Chowan and surrounding counties. We are proud to have them as a sponsor this year! Thank you so much for your support!

Nucor_Black (1).jpg

Nucor is an American producer of steel and related products based in Charlotte, NC! They are a team forged around a vision for leading their industry by providing unparalleled customer care and building relationships while creating sustained value. We are beyond grateful for their support this year! Thank y

lazy weekends logo.png

Lazy Weekends Landscaping is a valued sponsor. They are an amazing asset to our community, helping people enjoy their outdoor spaces. Thank you for your support!

RS Shorelines logo square.png

We are proud to have Restoration Systems Shorelines (RS Shorelines) as a sponsor. They are very important because RS Shorelinees has a similar passion for our waters and their health. They work to create environmentally friendly alternatives to bulkheads which also create habitat for marine life.

edenton bay cruises logo.png

Thank you so much to Edenton Bay Cruises for sponsoring. Captain Mark takes people on tours of the Edenton Bay on the Liber-Tea! We are grateful for this service he provides our community and tourists in order to learn about and appreciate our local water and town.

patrick sellers logo.jpeg

The Law Office of Patrick Sellers is an extremely valued sponsor. We are thankful for Patrick's support and the services he provides to our communtity.

All Backoffice Logo.webp

Thank you so much to All Backoffice Consulting for sponsoring the festival. All Backoffice provides outstanding service for wealth management. They are "an outsource partner to help you focus on doing the work you love." We are thankful for their continued support.


We are so grateful for the sponsorship from Edenton Bay Trading Company and their refreshments!  Debbie and Malcolm are beloved in Edenton and have created an Oasis that we always tell our friends about when they come to town.

North Carolina Coastal Federation LOGO.png

North Carolina Coastal Federation has worked alongside coastal communities to protect and restore the unique North Carolina coast. They are a non-profit organization and through their efforts have been working for clean coastal waters, living shorelines, thriving oysters and more! A big shout out to them for helping us all reach our goals! Thank you!

Thank you so much to Dr.  Richmond for sponsoring the festival. He is a wonderful sponsor of ours and a valued member of our community. We are thankful for his continued support.

Dr. Richmond _logo_.png
Waff Contracting Logo (from their website).png

Thank you to Waff Contracting for sponsoring our festival. We are grateful for their service to the community and their continued support.

Colony Tire logo.jpeg

Colony Tire & Service is a significant sponsor from our communtiy. Their services are essential in Edenton and they are trusted by many. Thank you to Colony Tire & Service for your continued support.

ECUH-ChowanHospital - Purple on white.png

Thank you to the ECU Health Chowan Hospital for sponsoring. Their support is greatly valued, and we are so thankful for their service to our community! 

spruills logo.jpg

Thank you to Spruill's Business Machines, Inc. for sponsoring us. Spruill's is used by all community members for business and personal needs, big and small. Their support and service to our community is wonderful, thank you!

HRE&M Logo.jpg

Committed to serving not only their community but their neighbors as well HRE&M Attorneys at Law is widely recognized as the areas leading law firm and home to some of the most highly regarded North Carolina attorneys! We are grateful to have them be a part of our cause this year! Thank you for your sponsorship!

Albemarle (no background).png

Albemarle Boat Manufacturers serves our community by giving us a way to enjoy our local waters. We could not be more thankful for their continued support!


Mosquito Authority helps us enjoy our outdoor spaces! They are a wonderful sponsor and we are grateful for their support.


Glo~N~Go Spa is your go-to Tanning Salon, located in historic downtown Edenton, North Carolina. They are committed to making you look your best every day of the week. We couldn't be more grateful for their support this year!

albemarle plantation.png

Thank you to Albemarle Plantation for being a valued sponsor! We love having them as a sponsor because they share a love for water and coastal living. They offer "distinct coastal living, award-winning golf, resort amenities, elegant homes, and one of the largest private marinas on the east coast— all on North Carolina’s pristine Albemarle Sound." Visit their website to learn more!


The Coastal Land Trust conserves lands with scenic, recreational, historic and ecological value. Their mission is to enrich our state of North Carolina through conservation of natural areas! Their missions are aligned with our own and we couldn't be more excited to have their support this year!


Perch Variety Sponsor



  • Logo on Facebook site

  •  logo on Big Board at the relaxation tent at the show

  •  a tent location (if desired)

  • 2 two-day tickets. 

Large Mouth Sponsor



  • Logo on Facebook site

  •  logo on Big Board at the relaxation tent at the show

  • a tent location (if desired)

  •  a mention from the stage between bands

  • 8 two-day tickets. 



  • Logo on Facebook site 

  • logo on Big Board at the relaxation tent at the show

  •  a tent location (if desired)

  •  a mention from the stage between bands

  •  your logo will appear on the banner hanging across Broad Street

  •  you will have the opportunity to speak between bands

  • and 20 two-day tickets. 

Rock Sponsor

Sponsorship Application
  • To become a sponsor, submit the sponsor form by mail or drop it off at 307 S. Broad Street Edenton, NC.

  • You must make checks payable to Clear Living Waters or pay by Venmo to @clearlivingwaters 

Other Donations
  • Donations of any amount can be sent via our Venmo @clearlivingwaters

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